They Take Care of Us, Let’s Take Care of Them

Healthcare workers show up to work each day committed to providing the best care to their patients—providing quality beverages is a way to show appreciation for those who put patients’ needs ahead of their own.

From premium coffees to tea lattes, infused waters to on-demand cold brew—Lavazza Professional offers drink options for every taste and brewers to fit every space.

For Whatever the Day Throws Their Way, We Have a Drink for That

The Flavia® Creation 600 does more than brew exceptional coffee. It also offers hot, cold, and frothy drink options customized to their liking.

Great for breakrooms, waiting rooms, executive offices, and micromarkets.

Plus, staff can enjoy brands they know and love without leaving the building.

Designed with hygiene in mind

•Flavia Tap N’ Brew app for brewing from your phone
•Kastus® antimicrobial surface protection available1
•Freshpacks stay completely sealed until brewed
•No shared brew funnel ( designed for no taste or allergen transfer)

For When Their Energy Dips, Cold Brew Comes Through

Your team can fuel up on authentic cold brew with the Lavazza Cold Brew Tap. We steep our Lavazza coffee grounds in cold water for several hours, resulting in an artisanal pick-me-up that’s naturally sweeter and higher in caffeine than traditional brewing methods.

Great for breakrooms and cafeterias.

A story of sustainability

¡Tierra! Colombia contains coffee from the Meta region where Lavazza has helped farming families restore their farms and create sustainable work conditions.

Notes of grapefruit, red fruits, bergamot, and honey

Craft Coffee Like a Barista, With Just One Touch

Expert delivers authentic Italian-crafted coffee, espresso, and espresso-based beverages without compromise.

Great for breakrooms, meeting rooms, Executive and Administrative offices

Their Dedication Deserves Our Coffee Expertise

Bring your employees exceptional whole bean and ground coffees. Each Lavazza blend has a unique and unmistakable aromatic profile that will take them away to an Italian café (if only for a moment).

Great for breakrooms, cafeterias, and micromarkets.

Select brewers have touchless brewing capabilities

Request Your Free Demo

Tasting is believing! Complete the form below to request a free demo of the system in your office. A drinks specialist will be in touch to evaluate your needs and to put you in touch with a certified coffee distributor. Cheers!

Cold drinks are available with Flavia Creation C600 + Chill module. | 1Kastus’ 24/7 Antimicrobial efficacy has been proven by independent labs using ISO global standards. | Kastus registration with the US EPA is currently pending. Kastus® is a registered trademark of Kastus Technologies. STARBUCKS and the Siren logo are trademarks of Starbucks Corporation or its Affiliates and are used under license. | DOVE is a registered trademark of Mars Incorporated or its Affiliates and is used under license. | La Colombe is a registered trademark of La Colombe Torrefaction and is used under license. | Peet’s is a registered trademark of Peet’s Coffee, Inc. or its affiliates and is used under license.