Women harvesting tea in a field

Our sustainability story starts from the grounds up

FLAVIA® is part of Lavazza, a family-run company that is as passionate about creating a better world as we are about delivering the perfect drink for each moment of your workday.

With our parent company, we work toward “A Goal in Every Cup," prioritizing key sustainability goals that are particularly relevant to our business and include areas where we can make the greatest impact. At Lavazza Professional, we look beyond the economic bottom line. We are here for people, for the planet, and for the purpose of creating the best world we can through every cup. How? By prioritizing key sustainability goals during each step of the drink creation process—from origin to office, farm to cup.


and take care of our farming communities


Almost 80% of all drinks we sell are third-party certified by Rainforest Alliance, one of the leading sustainability certifications in the industry.

Lavazza associates work yearly with one of our coffee or tea farming communities on a project to better their livelihoods and increase their capabilities.


at our LEED Gold Certified Facility

Our Freshpack is designed for high coffee extraction, so you need less coffee to make the perfect cup. More efficient coffee usage greatly reduces the water footprint. That means you get great taste, with less of the waste.1


but our sustainability efforts don’t end there

Compared to one of the leading bean-to-cup machines, our most popular FLAVIA brewers use…

To help you create a more sustainable workplace, we’ve created a program to keep our Freshpacks from ending up in a landfill. Sound like something you’re into? Visit recycleyourfreshpacks.com to see how it works and sign up to participate.

Interested in learning more about what we do to stay sustainable? Check out our full sustainability report.

Learn more about how we put A Goal in Every Cup.

1) The Water Needed to Have the Dutch Drink Coffee, UNESCO-Institute for Water Education, August 2003. One cup of coffee needs about 140 liters of water (incl. rainwater, washing beans). This amount was used to assess the amount of water savings per cup of coffee because a typical cup of coffee brewed with FLAVIA Freshpack uses about 8g of coffee compared to about 13g typically recommended by leading bean-to-cup manufacturers.
2) FLAVIA C500 compared to the VKI Eccellenza Touch brewing 30 cups of coffee over a simulated 24-hour period of workplace consumption.