Our single-serve brewers and MARS DRINKS™ KLIX® vending machines refresh and refuel workplaces around the globe. We are committed to ensuring our solutions meet the needs of people at work, while also being as sustainable as possible.

We consider sustainability at every step—by designing resource- and energy-efficient solutions, working with suppliers to use lower-impact materials and manufacturing processes, and ensuring our products have simple end of life solutions.

Our single most important sustainability priority for the next five years is to solve the waste challenge presented by drinks packaging and technology at the end of its life. We will achieve this through innovation and by working with our customers to reduce waste from our single serve packaging and KLIX cups.


We’re committed to introducing a more environmentally-friendly Freshpack across our portfolio by 2020. Our goal over the next five years is to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Freshpack by 25%.

We’re always looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products and processes. So we examined the entire lifecycle of our Freshpack to see if there was room for improvement. We discovered that the first step of raw material extraction was the place where we could have a positive impact. So we went to work and innovated new production processes that allow us to reduce the need for aluminum, a raw material that creates significant emissions during extraction. The end result? A 31% carbon footprint reduction.*

Download the "How We Created The New, More Sustainable Freshpack" information sheet here.

Our more sustainable Freshpack is just part of our commitment to sustainability. Our aim is to become the most sustainable workplace drinks solution. Some of the other ways that we’re demonstrating our commitment to sustainability include:


Since 2011 we have achieved a 312% increase in recycling partner activity — diverting Freshpacks from landfill.


100% of our owned brand coffees, black teas and hot chocolate*** are sourced from third party-certified farms.


MARS Incorporated has invested in a wind farm that generates the energy equivalent to what is required to power all of MARS Incorporated’s operations in the US, including our MARS DRINKS LEED certified West Chester, Pennsylvania campus.


Our UK and US factory sites send zero waste to landfill and are certified to ISO 14001 environmental management standards.


We reduced fossil fuel energy and water use on factory sites by 65% and 63% respectively since 2007, and we reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 70%.

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Compared to previous Freshpack **MARS DRINKS Sustainability Review ***US only


Since 1992 all KLIX cups have been made from recyclable polystyrene. In 2015 we rolled out a new cup with a middle layer made of calcium carbonate – a natural, widely available substance that has a lower environmental foot print than polystyrene. The new cup has been rolled out to 90% of KLIX Cups and uses 10% less plastic.

While KLIX cups are recyclable they don’t always get recycled. We are working to make recycling as easy as easy and cost-efficient as possible for the workplaces that choose our solutions.


We manufacture our MARS DRINKS KLIX machines in Basingstoke, UK while our single-serve brewers are manufactured by an approved third-party supplier. We are working to ensure our technologies contain responsibly sourced components, use energy and water efficiently, and can easily be recycled when our customers no longer need them.