Cookie Policy

Update: 17.01.2018

In accordance with the requirements laid down by any law or regulation related to the Cookies, LUIGI LAVAZZA S.p.A., with registered office in Via Bologna, 32, 10152 Turin, Italy, and the other affiliated companies of the Lavazza Group (hereinafter LAVAZZA) hereby discloses that all the LAVAZZA websites make use of "cookies".

Cookies are short strings of text downloaded automatically onto the user's computer or device whenever the user visits the website; this means that the user's choices can be tracked on each subsequent visit so that an efficient and targeted browsing experience can be offered. Depending on the function and purpose of use, cookies can be subdivided into technical cookies, profiling cookies and third party cookies.

When browsing this website, the user may receive cookies sent directly from the website and managed by the LAVAZZA, as well as cookies sent from other websites or web servers operated by third parties (Third Parties' Cookies).


All the cookies described in this section are directly sent from this website and directly managed by LAVAZZA in its capacity as Data Controller, in the person of the pro-tempore legal representative. They are used with electronic media for the purposes indicated in relation to each one. Cookies may be disclosed to third parties.

Technical cookies are used without the need for user consent, but may be disabled. User consent, which is optional, is required for the profiling cookies.

At any time, the user may, —following a request submitted through our Contact Us form, or contacting in any other ways described in the section “Company Info”, obtain confirmation about the data processing and the purposes of that, an indication of the origin of the data, the logic of the procedures, all the information listed above, as well as:

  • Updates, corrections or, when requested, integration of the data;
  • Deleting, transforming into an anonymous form or blocking data unlawfully processed.

By sending a request to the aforementioned e-mail address or by using other contacts, users may at any time stop the data process for profiling purposes


These are cookies that are essential for the website to operate correctly and to increase the website's functionalities and performance. This type of cookie is also used to store a user's decision on the use of cookies on the website.

Technical cookies are not used for any other purposes and are managed directly by LAVAZZA. Performance or analytics cookies also belong to this category. These are cookies that collect information, in an aggregate and anonymous form, on the number of users and the use they make of a website (for example, information on which pages or sections of pages are viewed most frequently and from which pages’ malfunction reports are received).

This category also includes functionality cookies, which allow the user to browse the website according to a set of selected criteria (for example, language, text typefaces, browser type) in order to improve the service delivered. All these cookies are enabled automatically. However, if you wish to disable them, see the paragraph "How to manage cookies".


LAVAZZA uses profiling cookies, storing the choices made by users on the website when browsing, with the aim of providing targeted services or advertising content, showing content and proposing commercial initiatives based on the sections of our websites found to be most relevant for users and their interests.

The use of profiling cookies requires the user informed free consent to be obtained in advance. Consent is obtained through a banner visible to the users when they first visit one of LAVAZZA websites, as provided by all the relevant and applicable law or regulations. Such consent may be revoked at any time, disabling the cookies as described in the next section "How to manage cookies."

Profiling cookies are directly managed by LAVAZZA.


LAVAZZA may use external website cookies (so-called Third Parties' Cookies) to provide targeted services or advertising content; these cookies are not managed directly by LAVAZZA, but are installed through the LAVAZZA website by third party companies that deal with online profiling.

The use of such cookies requires the user free informed consent to be obtained in advance, following the procedures described in the previous paragraph.

To receive the necessary information and decide whether to authorize their installation and use or if you wish to revoke the consent previously given, refer to the section "How to manage cookies."


The procedures for managing cookies may vary depending on the browser used; users may manage cookie preferences directly within their own browser and prevent — for example — third parties installing them.

Cookies installed in the past, including the cookies who stored the consent for cookie installation for this website, may also be eliminated through browser preferences.

It is important to note that the correct operation of this website could be compromised if all cookies are disabled.

If users do not know the type and version of browser being used, they may click "Help" in the browser window at the top, and access all necessary information.

If, on the other hand, the browser is known, users can click on the browser being used to access the cookie management page.

The user can find information on how to manage cookies for each browser at the following addresses: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer.

In case of services provided by third parties, users may also exercise their right to object to the tracking by referring to the third party's Privacy Policy, through the cookie blocking link if expressly provided or by contacting the third party directly at the following links:

List of third party services:

Cookie Policy may be changed over time. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon the posting of the modified Cookie Policy. Users of the Website are advised to regularly read the Cookie Policy for possible changes.