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Four Generations of Coffee Obsession,


Italy's favorite coffee is now available single-serve for the workplace.

In 1895, Luigi Lavazza opened the first Lavazza location on the cobblestone street of San Tommaso, Turin. There, he invented the art of coffee blending. More than 120 years later, the Lavazza family is still pushing the possibilities of the perfect cup. The result? A coffee loved by Italians and savoured by connoisseurs around the world.

There's nothing more authentically Italian than Lavazza.

Treat your team to the ultimate coffee experience


Dark Roast

with smoky, caramelized notes

For those inspired by bold and full-bodied coffee


Medium Roast

with aromas of dried fruit

For those who crave rich and well-balanced coffee

With your Flavia® Barista Brewer, you can craft an authentic espresso that tastes just like it came straight from an Italian coffee shop.


Medium Roast

with floral notes

For those who long for smooth and deeply flavoured espresso

Fuel Your Day


(Without Leaving Your Workplace)

Imagine this: the hum of Italian voices, the clink of cups and spoons, and the laughter and morning light brightening a local coffee “bar” in a small Italian town.

Want to bring some of that feeling to your day?
Try drinking your coffee the Italian way. In the morning, enjoy a cappuccino or latte with Real Milk Froth—then drink espresso (by itself) in the afternoon.

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