December 08, 2015

7 Ways Business Leaders can be a Catalyst for Happiness and Cheer in the Workplace This Holiday Season

It’s positioned as “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many people at work, the holiday season is loaded with added stress as we strain to find balance between our professional responsibilities and our personal priorities. From holiday decorating, shopping, closing out year-end work projects, office holiday parties and traveling to visit family and friends, the season can easily become overwhelming.

Research shows, happy associates are more engaged and productive in the work environment. Investing in your associates’ happiness during the holiday season will go a long way toward building a positive work experience that lasts year-round.

Here are 7 ways to spread holiday cheer and celebrate your team this season:

1. Say thank you. Sometimes the smallest gesture can make the biggest impact. Show appreciation for your team by giving them a handwritten holiday card expressing your gratitude for their hard work and dedication.
2. Make them laugh. Laughter reduces stress and can instantly improve your coworkers’ mood. Be creative and encourage people to share funny holiday stories. Or lead by example and start or close your staff meeting with fun holiday trivia or fun facts – anything to make your team laugh out loud.
3. Say Namaste. Provide time for your team to relax during their lunch hour by offering a yoga or meditation class. To sweeten the deal you could hire a massage therapist to give people a relaxing chair massage.
4. Be flexible. Consider offering flexible work hours during the holiday season to help your people strike the right balance to manage work priorities and make time for holiday preparations. Allowing people to make up hours or come in late once a week could make a big difference if it allows them to attend a holiday program at their child’s school or pick up a special gift.
5. Take a break. Organize a weekly afternoon coffee break to give associates a chance to decompress and socialize. A study by Mars Drinks revealed that coffee is ranked as the number one way to recharge at work. Give your associates a break and productivity a boost – it’s a win- win for everyone. Cheers!
6. Provide holiday treats. Surprise your associates with enjoyable holiday treats to sweeten their day. Another option is have food catered and pair with delicious specialty holiday drinks and provide associates an opportunity to socialize during their lunch hour.
7. Volunteer. Build team spirit and spread holiday cheer by giving your associates the day off to participate in an office-wide volunteer activity. Host a local clothing drive or organize an office-team for a charitable walk.

As a leader, you control many of the variables that contribute to office morale. Create a great work environment by celebrating your associates this season.

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