July 22, 2015

Boost Productivity and Beat the Summertime Slowdown

As temperatures outside continue to rise and the dog days of summer are upon us, studies show that employee productivity tends to take a dip in the pool or take its own vacation. In fact, one study from Captive Network shows that during the summer months workplace productivity drops by 20 percent. Combine that with an attendance decrease of 19 percent and a 13 percent increase in time spent to complete projects and you have a recipe for a significant drain on productivity.¹

So what is an employer to do to keep overall productivity from taking an extended vacation? Finding ways to help your people re-energize, refresh and refocus throughout the day is a great place to start.

Employee engagement and productivity have a direct correlation to each other. According to meta-analysis research conducted by Gallup companies that report a high level of engagement saw 21 percent higher productivity.²

One way to ensure employee engagement during the "summertime slowdown" is to create moments or touch points that promote a positive working environment by bringing employees together to not only collaborate but recharge.

Some ideas to keep productivity as high as the temperatures outside:

  • Escape the conference room - Take a meeting or two outside each week.
  • Energize with "coffee chats" - A time each week when senior leaders invite conversation with workers over a cup of coffee to make personal connections, inspire and re-energize the workforce.
  • Break the "boring meeting mode" - Put a list of icebreakers in meeting rooms to boost everyone's energy level.

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