July 06, 2018

Espresso Affogato Recipe

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Ice cream? Coffee? How about both. Espresso affogato is an Italian classic that combines the cold, creamy sweetness of gelato with the exciting boldness of espresso. A simple treat, but one that is sure to please and can be adapted for all tastes.

How to Make Espresso Affogato


1 shot espresso
1 scoop vanilla gelato or ice cream


Scoop the gelato into a medium coffee cup or bowl. Pour the hot espresso over the gelato.

Meant to be enjoyed immediately, your first is a delicate blend of icy cold gelato coated with espresso. As the gelato melts, you will be treated to a delicately sweet drink.

Personalize your treat by experimenting with ratios and flavors. Our Lavazza Espresso Italiano is the perfect choice, with highly aromatic notes, delicious flavor, and a rich body. Though vanilla gelato is a classic, try other flavors such as hazelnut or chocolate.

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