July 08, 2015

Fostering Innovation: Mars Drinks' Coffee Shop Culture

Listen to Jacob Morgan's Future of Work podcast with Xavier Unkovic, Global President at Mars Drinks.

What this episode is about and why you should care

My guest this week on the Future of Work podcast is Xavier Unkovic, Global President at Mars Drinks. Mars Drinks is a segment of the global Mars brand, which focuses specifically on drinks such as coffees, teas and the like. You may wonder why a beverage company is so interested in the future of work, but Mars Drinks is 100% focused on the workplace. Their products and solutions are for the workplace. Internally, Mars Drinks has been doing some very interesting things lately including the design of a brand new office space in Westchester, Pennsylvania. The focus of this podcast with Xavier is how to create a culture of innovation, and we take a closer look at what Mars Drinks is doing including the creation of “coffee shop culture.” Xavier also shares his insights on a host of topics such as how the workplace is changing, and management and leadership. We even cover the impact that food and drink might have on how we collaborate and get one’s job done. Xavier gives us his perspective on how innovation has changed over the years and shares some of the cool things he is doing at Mars Drinks. Xavier is clearly passionate about his work. Don’t miss this really great and interesting conversation with Xavier Unkovic on fostering innovation.

What you will learn in this episode

  • Xavier Unkovic and his role as Global President at Mars Drinks
  • What it means that Mars Drinks is 100% focused on the workplace
  • How the beverage plays a critical role in the workplace
  • Insights into the Mars Drinks strategy
  • Innovation at Mars Drinks
    • Creating a culture of innovation
    • Mars Drinks Campus
    • Coffee shop culture
  • Unkovic’s thoughts on the top factors that impact innovation
  • Unkovic’s perspective on how the workplace is changing and the future of work
    • Flexible work
    • The freelance economy
    • Developing and retaining talent
    • Millennials
  • Unkovic’s advice to executives, organizations and employees


About Jacob Morgan:


Jacob Morgan is the Co-Founder of the FOW Community, a members-only network that helps prepare you and your organization for the challenges and opportunities related to future of work. He is also a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and futurist.

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