June 15, 2018

10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Office Coffee Station

As a leader in single-serve office coffee, we've seen a lot of office coffee stations. Indeed, the office coffee bar is at the heart of everything we do. As one of the leading suppliers of office coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks and machines, we know that the coffee station is where you go to recharge, collaborate and welcome clients.

If you’re looking to give your office coffee bar a makeover, we’re here to help! There are so many little changes you can make to brighten the office coffee area and create a welcoming atmosphere, while making the space easier to maintain and keep organized. Here are ten things to keep in mind:

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10 Tips to Improve Your Office Coffee Station

  1. Beverage choices: Instead of offering the same drinks at every beverage station, switch things up a bit. People are more likely to visit different areas of the workplace and form new connections. We offer a full line of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty beverages, including trusted brands like Peet’s and Starbucks, as well as seasonal specialties. We also offer durable, attractive merchandiser options so you can neatly display your drink options.
  2. Varied levels of amenity: The larger the workplace, the greater the opportunity to offer different types of beverage spaces. Use a centrally located work café as your community center, then sprinkle in break rooms or refresher space for convenience.
  3. Short stays and long visits: Within any single beverage space, consider how you can accommodate different levels of commitment. Some people just want to grab a drink and go. Others are ready to take a break. Still others are looking to mingle.
  4. Varied postures: Stand, lean, sit, lounge—furniture should be selected with an eye toward supporting different postures. The more ways people can feel at home, the better.
  5. Mix up your seating: Hard-surface seating is for quick chats. Soft seating invites longer stays. Booths suggest a desire for privacy. Stools suggest approachability. The more types of seating you include, the broader the functionality of any beverage space.
  6. Adaptable furnishings: Chairs that are easy to move and tables that can be pulled together support impromptu interaction.
  7. Individual and group work: If possible, beverage spaces should double as work spaces, offering some accommodation for both solitary usage and small groups.
  8. Social and task: Be mindful of the social component of the office coffee bar as well. Any beverage space should be prepared to support social interaction and help strengthen the team’s bond.
  9. Easy to clean: Messy isn’t attractive. Keep beverage spaces looking good by specifying easy-to-clean surfaces and eliminating clutter. Selecting a reliable, hassle-free brewer can also help you keep the space tidy. No matter the size of your office, we have machine options that can prepare your favorite drinks, including lattes and cappuccinos. With optional direct-water-line plumbing and built-in disposal bin, commercial coffee service has never been easier.
  10. High-traffic areas: Coffee stations should be part of the bustle, not tucked away. Consider situating them where there’s plenty of foot traffic. The more convenient, the better.

Spending so much of our lives at the office, having a welcoming atmosphere is vital to employee engagement and collaboration. With these ten tips, you will be on your way to creating an office coffee bar that dazzles!

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