July 25, 2016

Introducing MARS DRINKS’ 2016-2020 Sustainability Strategy

Samantha VeideGlobal Director, Corporate Sustainable SolutionsMARS DRINKS

At MARS DRINKS we create moments of connection. Through these moments we inspire people to think differently about what work and the workplace can be.  As part of our commitment to sustainability we’re inviting workplaces to think differently about the role drinks solutions can play in inspiring new and innovative ways to bring people together to achieve great results, in a sustainable way.

We are excited to introduce our new 2016-2020 sustainability strategy!  Our previous sustainability progress has given us a solid foundation to build on.  Our achievements include:

  • 100% of our owned brand coffee and black tea products are sourced from third-party certified farms
  • Since 2009, we’ve been offering our North American customers a solution for recycling Freshpacks
  • Reducing energy and water use on our factory sites by more than 60% since 2007
  • Our factory sites send zero waste to landfill and are certified to ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Additionally, in 2015 our global headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, achieved LEED Gold Certification.

At MARS DRINKS we are 100% dedicated to the workplace. This dedication drives  our ambition to “be the most sustainable drinks solution for the workplace” and with this end goal in mind we have created a strategy that is focused on putting our customers’ sustainability goals first.

Workplaces around globe highlighted that for them solving end-of-life challenges for packaging is paramount.  Because it is the priority for our customers, our single most important sustainability priority over the next five years will be to solve the waste challenge for workplaces who choose MARS DRINKS. We will achieve this through innovation and by working with our customers to keep plastic waste from our single-serve packaging and KLIX® cups from landfill. While we know this won’t be easy, we are committed to finding the solution.

We will also be focusing on better understanding our supply chain—where do our key raw materials come from and what are the specific issues facing those communities? To that end, we will continue our commitment to sourcing 100% of our coffee and tea from third party certified sources, but will also commit to mapping our supply chain, partnering with licensed brands who share a commitment to sustainable sourcing and collaborating with industry groups who are working to ensure the long term health of coffee and tea communities around the world.

Finally, in our own operations we will continue to set ambitious goals to reduce energy, water and waste in our factories, but will go beyond this to benefit our customers and other supply chain partners. We will create opportunities for MARS DRINKS and other businesses like ours, to share best practices on how to make workplaces across the globe more sustainable.

We look forward to sharing our strategy and the successes and obstacles we face as we work towards our 2020 targets.

To find out more about our 2016-2020 Sustainability Strategy read our Sustainability Strategy summary.