October 20, 2015

Introducing Workplace Vitality™

What's the key ingredient in creating a workplace that is vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential? In a new global study of the workplace released today, MARS DRINKS shares new information to help answer this very question. The study, comprised of feedback from workers at all levels and types of organizations across the glob, finds that 90 percent of respondents worldwide believe that their organization’s success is dependent on four key Pillars: Collaboration, Engagement, Well-Being and Productivity. While more than three-fourths of respondents agreed that each individual pillar is critical, the research reveals a new workplace paradigm at the intersection and heart of it all – Workplace Vitality™.

The research results further indicated that while Workplace Vitality crosses geographic and job function boundaries, a significant difference exists in the perception of how an organization is performing across the four Pillars of Workplace Vitality among varying organizational roles.

For example, respondents that self-identified as “executives” rated performance in all four areas of Workplace Vitality between 12 and 20 points higher than those that self-identified as “associates”.

This information shared by MARS DRINKS points to an opportunity for increased dialogue and engagement among executives and associates, that can help create increased understanding of such gaps that exist and, when addressed, lead to more thriving, vibrant workplaces.

At the core, Workplace Vitality is about nurturing a work environment that strengthens its most important asset: people.

Recent studies illustrate how employee engagement in the workplace is declining; non-engaged workers cost organizations billions of dollars, and for American organizations, as much as $50 to $550 billion in lost productivity (according to Gallup). In this landscape, we aim to help organizations across the globe rethink the average work experience by inspiring employees and organizations to connect, collaborate and get things done, which may help to close the gap in perceptions identified in the research.

To learn more about the research findings and to download a full copy of the MARS DRINKS' Workplace Vitality white paper, visit here.


About the Study


In June 2015, MARS DRINKS commissioned a multi-country quantitative study with 3,813 workplace executives, leaders/influencers and associates in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France and China. For more information, visit here.