September 14, 2018

Bring Starbucks Coffee Favorites to Your Office with the Flavia® System

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We bring people at work together to connect, collaborate and get things done. We’re proud to have another great reason for workers to get together for a coffee with the introduction of Starbucks premium arabica coffee for your Flavia® brewer!

Starbucks high-quality coffee blends are available through Flavia single-serve brewers in offices across the U.S. and Canada. We offer three varieties of Starbucks coffee:

Pike Place® Roast is the flagship of the Starbucks line, a smooth roast with subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. The roasty and sweet Caffè Verona® Blend features a dark cocoa texture and introduces sophisticated flavor to your office coffee experience. Finally, Veranda Blend® is lightly roasted, with a mellow, lighter flavor profile that appeals to many coffee lovers.

Starbucks Freshpacks are suitable for all of our office coffee machines, including:

We’re excited to be able to help more people make the most of their work day by bringing premium Starbucks coffee right into the office. With 22% of employees leaving work daily for coffee, it’s more important than ever to offer café-style drinks for your employees, encouraging people to gather around the brewer to connect and collaborate over a cup without ever having to leave the office.

Our innovative single-serve brewers make enjoying café-style drinks simple so you can quickly and easily brew great-tasting cappuccinos, lattes and more. Plus, innovations like our Real Milk Froth Powder create authentic drinks without the mess of milk. With Starbucks added to our coffee, tea and and other specialties, you can offer a full range of drinks to help people stay refreshed, energized and engaged throughout the workday.

Whether you’re at a corner coffee shop or in the break room at the office, you want your Starbucks® to have the same delicious taste you love – every time. That’s where our workplace designed technologies come in. Unlike other single-serve office coffee machines, brewing takes place right inside our Freshpack and the Freshpack’s unique nozzle regulates how water is sprayed over the coffee during the brewing process. This advanced technology is part of what provides the simple pleasure of a well-brewed cup – consistently recreating the familiar coffee shop tastes that people love.

Starbucks shares with us a commitment to offering high-quality, ethically sourced and responsibly produced products. Each of the coffees are packed in our LEED Gold Certified factory in West Chester, Pennsylvania. After enjoying your Starbucks coffee, your used Freshpacks are recyclable through our Recycle your Freshpacks program, allowing you to enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee while doing something good for the environment, too.

Starbucks allows us to further the Flavia mission of creating great tasting moments at work. Get it in your office today!