August 15, 2016

MARS DRINKS Towards 2020: The Role of Sustainable Operations

Samantha VeideGlobal Director, Corporate Sustainable SolutionsMARS DRINKS

MARS DRINKS’ 2016-2020 Sustainability Strategy sets out how we will help workplaces around the globe to meet their own sustainability goals by aiming to provide the most sustainable workplace drinks solution. Our Sustainability Strategy has three key pillars: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Operations and Sustainable Solutions.

While we are clear that our single most important priority for the next five years is to solve the waste challenge for our customers, we also recognize that we have a responsibility to ensure we are making positive changes in our own supply chain by sourcing agricultural materials and manufacturing our products more sustainably.

In our own operations we will continue to set ambitious goals to reduce energy, water and waste in our factories, but we will go beyond this to benefit our customers and other supply chain partners. We will create opportunities for MARS DRINKS and businesses like ours to share best practices on how to make workplaces across the globe more sustainable.

The global impacts of climate change affect individuals, governments and the business community. Our parent company, MARS Incorporated, has committed to eliminating greenhouse gas  emissions from the company’s operations by 2040 through our Sustainable in a Generation Program. MARS Incorporated is also advocating for broader action on climate change through collaborations with the Climate Group, the World Economic Forum’s Global Action Group of Forestry, and the Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP) Climate Declaration.

At MARS DRINKS, we’re inspired by the actions of our parent company and driven by the expectations of the people in the modern workplace, who increasingly expect us to operate sustainably. Over the last five years, we have reduced our energy and water use and waste through the MARS-wide Sustainable in a Generation program.

We are proud that we have reduced energy and water use on MARS DRINKS’ factory sites by more than 60% since 2007. Our factory sites send zero waste to landfill and are certified to ISO 14001 environmental management standards.   Additionally, in 2015 our global headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, achieved LEED Gold Certification.  On sustainability performance, our West Chester campus ranks first across all 140 MARS Incorporated factories, while our Basingstoke, UK site comes in tenth place, demonstrating our success at reducing energy, water and waste.

Over the next five years, we will continue to meet, and where we can, exceed our environmental targets. We will share best practice and learnings with our customers and partners to help them on their own sustainability journey. We recognize the importance of sustainability in both offices and factories, though the potential for us to have the greatest impact on our own sites lies within factories and so our work will focus in this area. We will also partner with suppliers to improve their sustainability performance and extend the positive impacts of the MARS-wide Sustainable in a Generation program into our supply chain.

Over the next five years as part of our commitment to Sustainable Operations we will:

  • Continue to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption at our own sites.
  • Maintain ISO 14001 certification at our factory sites, as well as LEED Gold certification for our West Chester, Pennsylvania location.
  • Provide third party verification that assures the zero waste to landfill status at our factory locations.

As we work towards our 2020 sustainability targets, we look forward to sharing our successes as well as the obstacles we face as we continue to progress towards our goal of offering the most sustainable workplace drinks solution.

To find out more about our 2016-2020 Sustainability Strategy read our Sustainability Strategy summary.

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