August 22, 2016

MARS DRINKS Towards 2020: The Role of Sustainable Solutions

Samantha VeideGlobal Director, Corporate Sustainable SolutionsMARS DRINKS

At MARS DRINKS, we’re committed to supporting businesses that want to create great working environments for their people. We’re 100% dedicated to the workplace, creating solutions that help people at work to meet their business goals.

Our single most important sustainability priority over the next five years will be to solve the waste challenge for workplaces who choose MARS DRINKS. We will achieve this through innovation and by working with our customers to keep plastic waste from our single-serve packaging and KLIX® cups from landfill. While we know this won’t be easy, we are committed to finding the solution.

By 2020 we will:

  • Provide 100% of our customers in the USA, UK and Germany with a sustainable end of life solution for all MARS DRINKS technologies, KLIX cups and single-serve Freshpack waste
    Use sustainable design to reduce the carbon footprint of our single-serve Freshpacks and KLIX cups by 25%
  • Our single-serve brewers and KLIX vending machines deliver everyday favorites, like coffee and tea, refreshments like espresso and hot chocolate as well as snacks between meals like soup. We are committed to ensuring our solutions meet the needs of people at work, while also being as sustainable as possible. We consider sustainability at every step—by designing resource- and energy-efficient solutions, working with suppliers to use lower-impact materials and manufacturing processes, and ensuring our products have simple end of life solutions.

Though we have more work to do, we have made strides in providing sustainable end of life solutions for MARS DRINKS’ products. We are proud that in 2011, we launched the Recycle Your Freshpacks (RYF) program, which enables access to a recycling program for all our North American customers. Since 2011, we have achieved a 312% increase in recycling partner activity, surpassing our 50% target.

Designing technology that can be easily refurbished, reused and recycled at the end of life is also a high priority for us. Across Europe, we work with a third-party company to collect the technologies at end of life. KLIX machines are then either refurbished or stripped, so their components can be reused in new machines or as spare parts. When machines or parts can no longer be reused, we recycle everything, from the plastic casing and wooden base units to the copper and gold in electrical components. Nothing is sent to landfill —the few materials that cannot be reused or recycled are sent for incineration in a waste-to-energy plant.

By 2020, we will source and design our packaging materials to reduce the carbon footprint of our single serve Freshpacks and KLIX cups by 25%. We understand that finding a sustainable packaging solution is a key concern of our customers and we are prioritizing this initiative. In addition, we aim to provide 100% of our customers in the US, UK and Germany with access to a sustainable end of life solution for all MARS DRINKS technologies, KLIX cups and Freshpacks.

Ultimately our goal is for all our customers to be confident that when they choose MARS DRINKS as their workplace drinks solutions, they not only get innovative technology and products that deliver on taste and choice, but also that they have chosen the most sustainable workplace drinks solution available.

As we work towards our 2020 sustainability targets, we look forward to sharing our successes as well as the obstacles we face as we continue to progress towards our goal of offering the most sustainable workplace drinks solution.

To find out more about our 2016-2020 Sustainability Strategy read our Sustainability Strategy Review.