April 22, 2015

Mars Drinks Uncovers New Opportunity to Help Employees “Rethink the Daily Grind™”

It may be time to rethink those “Monday Morning Blues,” according to a new poll; more than twice as many American workers feel more “energized and productive” at the start of the work week.

The survey of 2,034 employed Americans also revealed most people feel more confident at the beginning of the work week. Only a small minority said they felt most energized and productive at the end of the week.

The survey also uncovered interesting generational differences about the impact of coffee on workplace culture. One-third of millennials said coffee or coffee breaks help create more energy around a project and build a sense of collaboration when the coffee break is with a supervisor. Check out our survey infographic for more interesting results.

The poll was fielded by Ipsos as part of our “Rethink The Daily Grind” campaign, a new initiative designed to drive dialogue and inspire organizations to take a fresh look at ways to foster increased collaboration, engagement, well-being and, as a result, productivity among employees. As part of the effort, we hope to spark a movement to bring more vitality to the workplace.

“We believe there are new, untapped opportunities for driving engagement that will mutually benefit both people at work and the bottom line,” said Xavier Unkovic, global president of Mars Drinks. “We encourage business leaders to rethink opportunities for when, where and how to engage their people.”

Through “Rethink The Daily Grind,” we want to inspire organizations to consider new ways to make the workplace and workday more engaging. From the boardroom to the break room, changes don’t have to be monumental. Find out how you can “Rethink The Daily Grind in 6 Easy Steps.”

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