December 29, 2015

New Perspectives on Connecting & Progressing

Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRGlobal Vice President of Workplace Vitality™Mars Drinks

Mars Drinks is focused on the workplace and our customers. It is because of this focus that we are committed to understanding our customers’ most pressing workplace issues and interests. In this 2nd of our 3-part series, we are sharing top-trending issues on LinkedIn, and some new ways to look at them – especially though a lens of how drinks matter.

In addition to data-driven decision making, (see part 1 of our 3-part series ), another of the top trending issues people want to know more about is how to progress and manage careers. Mars Drinks is unique because of our 100% dedication to the workplace, and our drinks solutions are a key point where people form connections, share innovative ideas, and learn new things. And there is a connection between career growth and the drinks experience. We’re Rethinking the Daily Grind and have some new perspectives that relate to career growth:

Career Trajectories are Changing. Career growth used to be about climbing the proverbial corporate ladder in one organization. Loyalty, staying power, and hierarchy were the names of the game. But today, things are changing and the average person will work at a greater variety of companies for shorter tenures and contribute across multiple functions. In addition, the career ladder has given way to the power of a network. And here’s where workplace beverages come in. Spending time in the company’s coffee bar is a great place to get work done, and it’s also a great place to network, build connections, get to know colleagues, and learn about new opportunities. Career growth and a trajectory toward a broadening and increasingly a challenging career may well come through coffee.

Career Development is DIY. Building a network to support and nurture your development is key. To this end, coffee and workplace beverages also have roles to play. Inviting someone to grab a cup of coffee (even for non-coffee drinkers) is an easy, non-threatening way to get to know others, build relationships, and ferret out potential opportunities. Over a cup of coffee, it’s easy to share information about skills and aspirations, and listen and get to know others who can connect us with the next opportunity.

Career Success is Being Redefined. Rather than placement in the hierarchy or the number of direct reports, many employees are defining true career success as the opportunity to do challenging work that matters. Our research suggests that people want to be aligned with a bigger purpose and want to have the opportunity for growth and challenge. And yes, again, coffee matters. When we connect over a beverage or share a drink, there is the opportunity to learn about what others are doing and connect to the bigger picture of the organization’s contribution to customers and the broader society. These moments help us to feel connected and to understand how our work is aligned and connected across the broader organization.

Workplace drinks matter to career trajectories, career development, and career success in some unexpected ways. Let’s grab a cup of coffee!

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