March 15, 2016

Recognition: Getting Great Returns

Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRGlobal Vice President of Workplace Vitality™Mars Drinks

Feeling appreciated for great work improves morale and motivation. And in study-after-study, most employees prioritize recognition above compensation. Yes, a paycheck is important, but people want to know their work is appreciated and valued.

We’ve learned a lot about recognition in our study of Workplace Vitality™ globally[i]. People crave recognition and providing it helps create and maintain engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity.

In fact, when asked what creates a great moment at work, people from the UK and the US said that ‘feeling appreciated for what I do’ was at the top of the list. For those in China, France, and Germany, ‘feeling appreciated’ was a close second to experiencing ‘laughter and humor’ at work.

Recognition contributes to engagement as well. 86% of people said that ‘people who are appreciated are more engaged at work’.

And workplace beverages have a key role to play. ¾ of people globally said that having great drinks in the workplace helps them feel more valued by their company. But not just any workplace drinks. In fact, in our deep-dive research and interviews of employees in multiple companies across the US[ii], people said that having poor quality drinks was actually a de-motivator. It didn’t have a neutral effect, in fact the effect was negative. Bottom line: Workplace drinks are a tangible expression that a company cares about employees and supports and appreciates the work they do.

Recognition gives a positive boost to Workplace Vitality because…

  • It sets the stage. When people feel valued, the whole culture moves toward positivity and abundance, with the perception that there are plenty of kudos to go around.
  • It fosters positivity. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to appreciate others’ work as well. Recognition doesn’t always need to come from the leader, it is also powerful when it is shared across employees at all levels. Recognition leads to more recognition.
  • It breeds good work. When people are recognized for the work they’ve done in the past, they will be motivated to repeat that great work in the future.

If you want a positive culture and great results, provide recognition. Gestures of thanks, reinforcement for a job well-done, and high quality workplace drinks have disproportionately positive returns in creating workplaces that are vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential.

[i] Study of 3,815 people globally. Conducted by Mars Drinks in June 2015.

[ii] Research conducted by Mars Drinks October 2015 through January 2016 within US companies across geographies, industries, and company sizes. Research consisted of interviews, ethnography, acoustical studies, and traffic flow analysis.



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