May 26, 2015

The State of the American Workplace

It may come as no surprise that we spend more time at work than in other part of our lives. Despite this investment of time, something just doesn’t add up: a 2014 Gallup report shows that 70% of us do not feel engaged at work.1 There are reasons for this. Consider the nature of your workplace relationships. Do many of them feel transactional and impersonal? What about your associates’ connection to your organization. Would you say they  feel emotionally invested in or connected to your organization’s mission and goals?

Gallup reports that just 41% of Americans feel they know what their company stands for and how its brand differentiates from that of the competition. The report shines a light on the overall trends in employee engagement and illustrates how engagement can have profound effects on an organization’s performance and bottom line.

Consider that organizations with an average of 9.3 engaged employees per disengaged employee experienced 147% higher earnings per share compared to that of the competition. On the other end, those companies with an average of 2.6 engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee saw 2% lower earnings per share.1

So, with the current state of engagement in the American workforce lagging and a clear connection between engagement and overall productivity, what steps can you take to reverse course? Start within the workplace environment and consider changes that can foster greater employee interaction and collaboration. Why? It’s been observed that closer relationships in the workplace increase employee satisfaction by nearly 50%.2

The right workplace drinks solution can help create those touch points of interaction among employees, strengthening relationships, engagement, and productivity. Mars Drinks can be your partner in transforming the way employees view the workplace. Based on our own research, 61% of employees feel that their employer cares about their well-being if they provide a range of hot beverage options like coffee, espresso drinks, teas and hot chocolate. Additionally, 85% of employees believe that a quality coffee experience can contribute to increased productivity and morale.

How else can Mars Drinks help you achieve a better work environment for employee engagement and well-being? Check out the results from our recent Ipsos poll that brings to light new insight about how Americans view the work week.



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