November 02, 2015

Try Donut Shop Dark And This Bold New Recipe for Brewing Workplace Connections

Mars Drinks is bringing new flavor to office coffee cups everywhere. Introducing ALTERRA Donut Shop Dark coffee - a rich, dark, new twist on the traditional ALTERRA Donut Shop blend – with a deliciously complex taste profile. The darker blend uncovers apricot flavors with undertones of caramel and a rich, chocolatey finish. ALTERRA Donut Shop Dark coffee is freshly-roasted, ground and packaged for optimal freshness by Mars Drinks in the company’s LEED Gold certified global headquarters.


With this latest addition of our single-serve line-up, Mars Drinks is giving workers a tasty, new reason to connect over a cup.

Five Tips for Coffee-Infused Connections:

  1. Connect Over Coffee: A coffee meeting can be a casual recipe for forging new connections at work. For instance, call upon your colleagues to introduce you to someone new, and then invite the new contact for a cup of coffee. Once the connection is made, ask that person to introduce you to someone else. Network and keep building a new business connection each month.

Once the coffee date is set, here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Be Genuine: The purpose of the coffee meeting is expanding your network. While we know that doing so can pay dividends, try to keep the meeting agenda-free so you can spend this time developing new relationships. If you have business related questions, schedule a second meeting.
  2. Be Flexible: Everyone’s time is valuable, so be as flexible as you can about the date and connection time. Once the meeting is booked, do all you can not to reschedule.
  3. Do Your Homework: Find out a little more about the person before the meeting and come armed with smart questions that help further your learning.
  4. Pay It Forward: Thank your new connection for their time by suggesting someone that you feel they should get to know. Don’t forget to formally add them to your network by connecting with them on LinkedIn after the meeting.

At Mars Drinks, we are all about brewing-up new reasons for people to connect at work. Learn more about our wide range of products that appeal to a variety of taste preferences in the workplace, by visiting here.

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