April 26, 2016

Want to Retain Talent? The Strategy You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRGlobal Vice President of Workplace Vitality™Mars Drinks

In our survey, the Workforce Voice powered by LinkedIn, we learned a lot about Workplace Vitality™ and what makes a workplace vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential. We also learned about how workplace drinks – our daily coffee or tea – matter to the kind of place that people want to work.

We asked 1,015 LinkedIn users representing a cross section of generations, genders, industries, and job functions about their perspectives on their companies’ engagement, collaboration, well-being, productivity, and workplace drinks. 

We discovered that drinks matter – a lot. And they especially matter to those who are thinking about leaving the company.

First, we found that those who are actively seeking to change jobs – active job candidates – particularly value workplace drinks. While both active and passive candidates think beverages are important, those who are actively in the job market are paying even closer attention and giving them priority.


Perhaps this is because during an active job search, they are tuned in – even more than usual – to every detail of their job experience with their current employer and a potential new employer. Everything counts, and amenities like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate matter more than ever to their overall employee experience.

In our research, we also found that workplace beverages – coffee, tea, hot chocolate and the like – are very important to Workplace Vitality. About half of survey respondents agreed that beverages at work can give a boost to engagement, productivity, well-being, and collaboration. And we know that this intersection – among these pillars – is what contributes most to a Workplace Vitality and a place that is vibrant, thriving, and alive with potential.

Want to attract and retain your talent? Foster Workplace Vitality, a workplace that encourages collaboration, provides for well-being, engages your people, and supports productivity. And be sure that you provide great workplace beverages. People at work, especially those who are seeking new opportunities, are focusing on every detail of differentiation among prospective employers. And the job search process elevates the appeal of every perk, beverages included.

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