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You work hard to deliver the best service possible to your customers. That's why we've created resources and documents to help you have the information you need, right at your fingertips.

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Webinar Trainings

How to Demo the C600

  • Review office manager research and insights.
  • Experience the new FLAVIA C600 to learn about key features and benefits.
  • Enhance your customer service with FLAVIA IQ, our new smart technology and online portal.
  • Discover our new Cold Drinks with FLAVIA CHILL.
  • Improve the range of drinks offered to customers with new Lavazza coffee, Lavazza espresso, and tea lattes.
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Meet FLAVIA IQ, your new secret weapon for improving service and growing accounts. With the FLAVIA CREATION 600, great coffee is only the beginning. In this webinar we provide a general overview to FLAVIA IQ smart services and online portal. We explain how IQ tools and insights can boost your capabilities and keep your customers satisfied.

Learn how you can make life easier—and your customer relationships stronger—with FLAVIA IQ.

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FLAVIA IQ Portal: Managing Accounts

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of account setup for data accuracy, from claiming your brewer to seeing consumption data in the FLAVIA IQ portal.
  • Learn how to quickly and easily create accounts for your team and your customers.
  • Overview of account types and their permissions.
  • Review how to remotely configure brewers within the FLAVIA IQ portal.
  • Understand automated brewer alerts and how they are used.
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Flavia IQ: Content Creation & Management

  • Understand the benefits of on-screen brewer content.
  • Preview some of the content created by Lavazza Professional.
  • Dive into the FLAVIA IQ portal to understand how you can create your own, customized marketing content.
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Flavia IQ: Leveraging Data to Grow Accounts

  • Overview of the system and its features.
  • Tour of the insights dashboard to understand the data available through FLAVIA IQ.
  • Receive training on how to understand and use the data to decrease brewer downtime.
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