Sustainability Review - MARS DRINKS Towards 2020

Our progress against our 2010–2015 sustainability targets provide a solid foundation for us to build on. Our 2016–2020 Sustainability Strategy is rooted in our 100% dedication to the workplace and recognizes that a commitment to sustainability is an important part of meeting workplace needs. Our aim is to be the most sustainable workplace drinks solution.

The next phase of our strategy is a five year plan, 2016 to the end of 2020. Our approach is unique to our business—it is informed by our customers’ needs and workplace expertise and positions our Associates (MARS DRINKS’ employees) as ambassadors to amplify our sustainability efforts. We will undertake actions that help us live our commitment to sustainability at every stage of our value chain, from the raw materials we purchase (Sustainable Agriculture), to our factories where we produce our products (Sustainable Operations), to the consumables and technologies we deliver to the world’s workplaces (Sustainable Solutions).