The Power of Choice at Work

How giving employees a sense of control enhances WORKPLACE VITALITYTM

People want choices. They don’t want to feel like others are pulling their strings, but like they are the ones with control over what happens to them.

This preference for choices and control on the part of workers is occurring within the context of a society where personalization is possible as never before. This personalization is driving product and service features and influencing people in terms of what they demand.

Drivers would rather listen to a custom playlist than a random radio station. TV viewers would rather watch whatever – and whenever – they want than be constrained by a nightly schedule. And workers would rather select from a menu of employee benefits than a one-for-all health plan.

MARS DRINKS’ research discovered that a sense of control is an important marker of WORKPLACE VITALITY. A concept developed by MARS DRINKS, WORKPLACE VITALITY encompasses the four pillars of highly successful organizations—collaboration, engagement, well-being, and productivity.