The Role of Drinks

At MARS DRINKS we’re committed to rethinking what work and the work day can be. We know that to reach our full potential, we must create work environments where people have a sense of empowerment and belonging. We call this kind of place – where collaboration, engagement, well-being and productivity meet – WORKPLACE VITALITY™.

In our comprehensive research effort including interviews, company visits, surveys, and more, we have validated the importance of WORKPLACE VITALITY and the factors that create engagement, collaboration, well-being, and productivity. We have also rediscovered the critical roles that workplace beverages play in our work and our workplaces.

We also know that all generations – especially Millennials and Gen X – value and demand workplace beverages (82% of Millennials; 76% of Gen X; 63% of Boomers; and 60% of Traditionalists)i and that between 67% and 80% of respondents globally value drinks to support engagement, collaboration, productivity, and well-being. We also found that when drinks are not available, respondents believed their day would be in decline. 62% of people expected a decline in well-being; 54% expected reductions in engagement and productivity; and 46% said that collaboration would suffer.ii